Video Production


Sentry Studios is a production house located in the heart of North Atlanta, GA.  Our focus is on digital video production, professional photography and independent film production.  We pride ourselves in creating polished in studio productions as well as on location lifestyle shoots.  Sentry has created high quality content for many industry leaders such as Uber, Grey Goose, Bentley and McLaren amongst many others.  We also produce music videos, documentaries and short films with top celebrities and some of the finest music artists including Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, Post Malone, Usher and Ludacris to name a few.  From nationally televised commercial  or a star studded music video, Sentry Studios is a your ideal option for professional production.


Do you have a script written?  If not, we have a writing team ready to get started!

Pre-Production is the starting line for creating your production. Even if you only have a concept we will guide you through the initial steps to get you off to the races. From creating storyboards, call sheets and writing/ refining scripts to securing locations, set design and equipment list to begin the exciting process.  This is a crucial stage to set a tone for a successful and timely production that begins and ends on time and on budget! Producers and directors will review shooting schedules and all necessary reports pertinent to keeping the project moving swiftly and focused in order to deliver an excellent experience and an outstanding outcome.  Once the script is finalized and all storyboards, cast reports and necessary locations are all locked in the crew will gather necessary gear and equipment required to execute a professional production.

We have several award winning script and screen writers that have experience in all areas of production such as commercials, viral marketing videos, corporate videos, training videos as well as sketch comedy, short films, television shows and even feature length films. If you have a script that is already professionally written and formatted or you have a script that needs to be structured/ formatted we are here to help you through process.  Final scripts are formatted to properly produce location and cast reports as well as number of scenes and sides for the cast and director.  We ensure you will begin the production process on the right foot with a script or screenplay that will work for your budget and deliver a guide to a successful production.


At this stage your script is finalized and all production reports are approved to move forward.  The location has been determined in the planning stage and wether it’s a in our 1,200 square foot studio, outdoors or in a 25,000 sq ft mansion, Sentry Studios will use our expertise to deliver the highest possible quality and creativity to you production as we bring your story to life.  We are experts at single camera composite studio shoots in front of a blue screen or green screen that allows for manipulation of different backgrounds or other graphical aspects as well as ten synchronized cameras capturing a  live action event like an exotic car race or a packed out music festival concert.  On location short and feature films are our specialty and are equally matched with our abilities  of creating captivating scripts and screenplays.  We avidly shoot on all the most popular cameras and formats including but not limited to Red Weapon, Red Epic, Red Gemini, Red Scarlet, Canon C300 Mark ii, Ari Alexa, Arri Phantom Flex, Sony F5, Black Magic and many more which range from 1080p, 2K ,4K, 6K and 8K resolutions.  


We are setup for deliver everything from a rough cut to a polished final cut  to ensure a smooth and cohesive workflow.  Our staff are highly experienced in all of the different stages of post production work flow including, but not limited to, digital editing, sound mixing, score/ music composition and color grading.  Our top notch editors are highly trained and focus on keeping the project on schedule as they craft an impressive and captivating final cut of the production.  Our team will keep you in the loop and set clear expectations of deliverables.


Sentry Studios has extensive experience in developing commercials and marketing videos for major brands and startups alike.  We guide our clients through all necessary steps  wether it be developing a concept, casting talent and securing locations or having our team of writers perfect the dialogue scripts to capture during production.  Our post production process is designed for client to have several stages to give feedback to tweak the final product to their specific needs and achieve the ideal final cut.  


Motion Graphics are a necessary part of almost every project we produce.  From sleek minimalist titles to highly interactive motion intense graphics that enthrall the viewer presenting information in a modern and exciting manner.  Logos, Call-to-actions, descriptions and titles are all perfect examples of instances of where a brand or creative project can grab the attention of the viewer and dazzle them as they  inform them of a pertinent piece of information.  Programs such as After Affects and Motion are commonly used state of the art tools that can manipulate images and graphics to create impressive effects that really add a great touch and professional look to a final product.


When a project calls for computer generated images, artificial CG backgrounds and special effects. These tools allow us to take the viewer to any desired place ever leaving the studio by shooting on a chroma key backdrop, otherwise known as blue screen or a green screen, to provide endless Post-Production options whether it be for a majestic fairy tale or an everyday office setting.  Sentry Studios is seasoned in this area of production and is careful to ensure this only makes the production better and that the viewer is not aware or distracted by this technique to create a video or film that keeps the viewer entertained while focused on the story and message.

Production Services

  • Professional Steadi-Cam Services
  • Gimbal Services - Ronin / Movi
  • Car / Automotive Mounted Camera Rigs
  • Dolly & Crane Cinematography
  • Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist Services MUA
  • D.I.T Digital Media Backup Storage
  • Location Audio Recording & Mixing
  • Teleprompter
  • Aerial Videography & Photography / Drone Piloting
  • Time-lapse photography
  • Craft Services / Private Chef Services
  • Visual Effects / Special Effects / CGI
  • Compositioning / Chroma Key / Green Screen
  • Studio Rental / Lighting Rental / Camera Rental