WannaGOFAST GA 1/2 Mile Video 2016

WannaGOFAST GA 1:2 Mile Shootout
Sentry Studios recently wrapped another successful production for WannaGOFAST at the Georgia Half Mile Shootout event in Clayton, GA held at Heaven’s Landing on September 12th and 13th 2015. The two day event had an enormous turnout with both spectators and drivers coming together for a show of speed, performance, and racing. The WannaGOFAST event was held in both May and September, and each brought out thousands of spectators. Hundreds of cars tested their car’s top speed by drag racing down the 1/2 mile runway. There was an array of exotic cars such as Lamborghini Huracan, Aventador, and Gallardo all competing for world record speeds. The WannaGOFAST event is an adrenaline charged weekend for both people that want to go fast and professionals. Top Speed Motorsports amazed the crowd by racing a Nissan GT-R Alpha 16 and hitting speeds up to 212 MPH. Roaring engines, smoking burnouts, and NOS boosted acceleration made for a fast and furious style weekend. The Porsche 918 Spyder, BMW i8, and Mclaren MP4 provided visual representations of precision and excellence that has become synonymous with the WannaGOFAST brand. A wide selection of other fine tuned automobiles like the Cadillac CT-S, Ferrari Kalifornia, Corvette Z06, Ford Shelby GT500, Dodge Viper, Mercedes – Benz, and Audi’s all racing each other for bragging rights and top speeds. Gear heads and car enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes gathered around to check out Vengeance Racing battle it out with Top Speed tuning specialists.
Some notable WannaGOFAST sponsors include Passion Performance, Classic Cadillac Atlanta, Shine Autosalon, and RKH Motorsports. Fastest speed of the day on Saturday was 224 MPH by Underground Racing’s Lamborghini Gallardo. Top Speed Motorsports took the Sunday best with a 212 MPH pass with the Nissan GT-R Alpha 16. Sentry Studios congratulates the WannaGOFAST team, drivers, and spectators for a tremendous turnout. We look forward to the next WannaGOFAST event on November 13th and 14th in Sulfur Springs, TX. For more information on WannaGOFAST events visit their website www.wannagofast.com

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